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Frequently Asked


If you reserve, we will be able to guarantee the availability of the currency you want to buy or sell. We cannot assure that we are going to have the currency you are looking for in stock if you don’t reserve in advance.

Yes you can, in the reservation form you will be able to pick today’s date as an option. However, you should wait for the confirmation email before coming into the store. We monitor our inbox frequently and the confirmation email will give you the confirmation that we have your currency in our inventory and that you could pick up your order on the same day as your reservation.

No. When you reserve you guarantee the quantity desired but not the rate. The rate will be the one of the days you come pick up your reservation.

Yes you can. You can send us an email cancelling your reservation in order to do so. Our email is

You can contact us by email at to reschedule another time for your pick up.

Our confirmation email may have been sent to your junk or spam folder. If you can’t find the confirmation email after checking these folders, it means that the reservation was not successfully completed online. Please re-submit the reservation form.

After each successful reservation submission, you will receive an e-mail confirmation indicating that we have received the reservation. Once we process the reservation, you will receive a 2nd e-mail from us letting you know that you can come and pick up your currency at our store location.

No. You should wait for a confirmation email with the details of the pickup. Your order is not approved before you get this email.

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